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Professional Business Transaction Law Advice

Running a business of any size or type requires you to comply with many areas of business law. Business law can cover anything from tax to planning, through to litigation and contract disputes. Intellectual property rights and arbitration are also areas to consider. Each of these – and many more areas of business law you may encounter – require the services of a business lawyer.

At FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY Birmingham, Alabama attorneys, we have a lawyer to help you with all your business requirements. We’re a team of acknowledged experts in Alabama corporate law. We can help with all your tax requirements, planning advice and business litigation issues. With friendly and professional service, we’re here to help. So, contact us now if you have any questions.

Who We Can Help

As attorneys with expertise in every aspect of business law, we can help you whether you’re a partnership, a limited company or any corporate entity. We have a lawyer who will take on your tax requirements, plus attorneys who are highly experienced in helping set up a business so that everything is within the parameters of the law.

We can deliver our business law services in the following areas:

Business Organization

From the initial organization of setting up a business through to the actual formation, governance and compliance with the law and other requirements, our lawyers can provide professional and accurate representation. We can also assist with all aspects of planning, tax and more. It helps to know that FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY are Birmingham based and completely understand the law relating to businesses in Alabama. Feel free to contact us now for friendly, professional business law advice.

Contract Management

One area of the law that can be confusing for business owners is that of contract management. Our lawyer team can help you with this, as you may find contracts are required by law in more areas than you expect.

For example, we’ll appoint a lawyer who will help draw up contracts relating to marketing and distribution, licensing and franchises, and any sales agreements that may come about. We can also help ensure that you’re within the law with employee contracts too.

As leading Birmingham Business Litigation attorneys, we can also give you the right advice should any disputes regarding contracts arise. Remember the name – FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY – Alabama business attorneys. Contact us today if you need our help.

Intellectual Property

The subject of intellectual property is one area of the law that you need professional help with. You want your products and ideas to be protected in the eyes of the law, and to be aware of any patent laws you must comply with. We can provide you with lawyer services that will cover every aspect of IP, including any related tax requirements.

Our team of experienced lawyers can help not only with tax law, but also with patent law, trademark law and registration, copyright law, registration and more. In all these areas, it’s essential that you engage the services of a lawyer with expertise in this section of Alabama law. The team of attorneys at FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY are ready to help secure your intellectual property rights and any other areas of business law we can help you with.

Business Succession Planning

An often overlooked area of business law is that of succession planning: put simply, who takes over when you retire, or are no longer around to run the business? The law requires clear and definite instructions on this, and at FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY – Alabama attorneys – we have a team of lawyers who can help you draft a workable business succession plan.

For example, you may have plans to pass the business on to a member of the family. We can draw up an agreement that avoids conflict or litigation. Or, you may wish to just sell the business. In that case, the law also needs to be adhered to, and tax requirements must be met. You could even be looking at putting together an ESOP. That’s where employees are given the opportunity to purchase the business.

All of these require the application of the law, careful planning, and the assistance of a professional lawyer who will be able to minimize tax impact while ensuring all transactions are within the law. Careful planning is certainly required for this aspect of business law, so reach out and talk to a lawyer now. Make sure the transition of the ownership of your business will be as smooth and painless as it can be.

Other Business Services

As Birmingham, Alabama attorneys and business attorneys, FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY take great pride in offering our services to businesses of all types in Alabama. We have many satisfied clients who have used our law services and litigation expertise.

We can help with restructuring, downsizing, and share issue law compliance. Should you wish, we can appoint a lawyer to act as a corporate secretary, which will help you ensure you have a lawyer with business expertise on hand at all times.

If you need help with business law, get in touch with our team of attorneys right now. We will arrange for you to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, and we offer free initial consultations.

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