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If you’re looking around for a Birmingham, AL law firm, then look no further than FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY. We’re an experienced Birmingham business and corporate law firm with decades of combined experience. FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY has the expertise necessary for all your business needs.

What Our Birmingham, AL Law Attorneys Can Do for You

The help we can provide your organization includes just about anything, and we mean anything! For starters, we can help with forming a legal entity for your corporate organization. It’s important to be aware of the most appropriate business structure for your company, whether it be an s-corporation, limited liability company, partnership or corporation.

We also offer expert assistance with governance issues in our role as Birmingham law attorneys. You should think of our legal team as a combination of risk manager, advocate and trusted ally for your company. Every piece of advice or assistance we offer you is always going to be what we feel is best for the business, even if that means you must cut losses. Some of the best decisions made in business are also the toughest ones.

Even when things don’t go as planned, we can help with the development of an exit strategy. Sometimes you need to know when it’s the best time to have a exit plan.

We’re here to resolve and manage a wide array of issues and conflicts.

Avoid The Challenge of Business, Commercial and Corporate Law With Our Help

Business law is not something you should deal with on your own. Our reputation precedes us and we’ve helped many Alabama businesses with acquisitions, mergers and expansions. When necessary, we can also assist with reorganizing the company and its funding, debt restructuring and bankruptcy.

The valuable counsel and solutions we provide are essential for navigating the most complicated situations your business can find itself in.
We can provide the help you need for all aspects of your business, including the following areas of business law:

Establishing and Forming a New Business

  • Investor capital and managing investors for your new business
  • The handling of all the forms and files to make it less stressful and more convenient for you
  • Helping you choose the kind of entity that gives you the flexibility and protection you need to meet your business goals


Continued Support and Assistance For Your Business

  • Building and creating partnerships and joint ventures
  • Negotiating and drafting up contracts for the employment of staff, or working with vendors and any other agreements important to running your business.
  • Successful closing of transactions
  • Putting recapitalization into effect


Winding Down Your Business When it’s Time To Walk Away

  • Identifying and advising on merger or sale options open to your business
  • Successfully resolving outstanding issues with your creditors
  • Assisting and handling every step of the process involved with dissolving your company

Most businesses owners and their companies will face litigation eventually. When this happens, legal action may be unavoidable. If you and your company find yourself in that situation, you must take necessary measures to keep your business and its interests protected. FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY are the Birmingham business law team you need to call when a facing trial or settling disputes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pursuing action against individuals or need to defend against legal suits involving fraud or other matters that could threaten your company.

Common Business and Commercial Litigation Issues Our Alabama Lawyers Handle

Over the years as a Birmingham business law firm, we’ve mediated and litigated various corporate, commercial and business disputes. Some of the matters we’ve dealt with include:

  • Regulation and transactions related to franchising
  • Commission claims
  • Liability claims against officers and directors
  • All forms of employment disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Protection for the consumer
  • Deceptive and/or unfair business and trade practices
  • Misrepresentation and fraud
  • Disputes involving partnerships, shareholders and corporate entities
  • Fiduciary duty breaches
  • Economic relations interference
  • Commercial defamation
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Intellectual property rights infringements
  • Disputes

If worst comes to worst, we’ll handle whatever big or small commercial case you face, regardless of the industry you operate in. Our trial attorneys will take an aggressive approach to representing your business in all corporate law and litigation matters. We know you’ll be looking to keep expenses as low as possible, which is why we always use wisdom and creativity along the way.

At FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY we have an outstanding record from working practice in both federal and state courts. This helps us provide the effective legal advice, counsel and assistance our clients require.

Hire the Alabama Business Law Attorneys at FULMER | MAY | STUCKEY Today

Whatever area or aspect of business law you’re facing, regardless of how big or small your operation is, we can help. Contact us today, whether it’s to discuss something specific or if you’re just looking to learn more about us as an Alabama business. Choosing the right commercial and corporate law firm is always important. We have a team of lawyers that are waiting to hear from you. We want to support and represent you and it all starts with a free initial consultation.

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