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Estate Administration

Estate administration in the state of Alabama requires an expert understanding of the law. 

At Fulmer, May and Stuckey, Birmingham, Alabama attorneys, we can help with all aspects of the law regarding probate and estate handling.

We also specialize in elder law, and many other areas of legal administration. 

As local attorneys, you can rely on us to provide a professional and personalized experience in all aspects of Alabama law.

What is estate administration, and what is probate law? Let us explain.

Estate Administration Explained

The laws that surround estate administration and probate can be extremely complex.

Our firm knows how difficult Alabama laws can be to understand, and we want to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your loved ones.

When you reach the end of your life, you should leave behind a last will and testament. This helps your family members and loved ones make decisions concerning your care, should you become ill. 

If you haven’t yet drawn up a will, talk to one of our attorneys for advice.

A will outlines what will happen to your estate. This may include property and other assets you own, and even businesses or business interests. 

However, if you lose a loved one, it can be a very stressful time to make decisions. Our attorneys understand that it’s best to have someone experienced to handle that side of the affairs for you.

Fulmer, May and Stuckey, of Birmingham Alabama, have a team of attorneys who will act as your personal representative, and who will also handle your estate and deal with the probate courts.


Probate is the act of confirming that an estate is valid and intact, handling the law and legal requirements, and also dealing with the courts. 

In addition, probate and estate administration involves the final act of distributing assets as described in the will.

It’s very important that estate administration is carried out according to the law in Alabama, or it can be quite costly.

Closing the Estate

The final closing of the estate also involves a personal representative that will deal with creditors, paying taxes, putting the estate entirely in order, and handling the distribution of assets.

If you need more advice on estate administration and the probate process or want advice on appointing a personal representative, please reach out to Fulmer, May and Stuckey. 

One of our knowledgable attorneys can explain everything needed concerning the law in Alabama.

At Fulmer, May and Stuckey our estate administration lawyers understand the probate process thoroughly.

Our lawyers are equipped to handle probate for you in accordance with the law. They are also familiar with the Birmingham probate court and how it works.

If you want to put an estate administration plan in place to make things easier for your family and loved ones in the event of your passing, please reach out now to one of our compassionate and caring attorneys.

With knowledge and expertise in elder law, we can also help if you need to make amendments to your will.

In addition to wills, we can also assist you in the formation of a trust, should you need one. A trust may be an alternative option to the traditional will.

One of our attorneys are waiting to speak with you concerning all of your Alabama law requirements.

Further Legal Assistance

We not only provide estate administration, and elder law services, but our firm also offers a full range of corporate law services. 

We can also help with tax solutions, as the laws regarding tax in Alabama can be extremely complex. 

In addition, our firm provides a wide variety of corporate law services including establishing a company, patent law and intellectual property rights.

We have attorneys who can represent you in litigation, and we also have extensive experience in Birmingham, Alabama law and court practices.

If you are looking for help with estate administration, Fulmer, May and Stuckey can provide an estate administration lawyer who will act as your personal representative in the administration of your last will and testament, and the final closing of your estate.

Tragedy can occur at any time, so to ensure your loved ones are free of stress and that your estate administration will be handled professionally, get in touch with Fulmer, May and Stuckey right now, and we will help you in any way we can.

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